KQ10 Continuous range monitoring of point levels

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martedì 24 settembre 2019Descrizione :
The new capacitive level sensor KQ10 combines three level sensors in one housing– and this at the same time for continuous range monitoring. The KQ10 can ?see? through all non-conductive vessel walls, detecting bulk materials or liquids without contact. So no maintenance is necessary. Process values of 0...100% can continuously be transferred via IO-Link in ranges of 250 mm without dead band. 20 LEDs display the real level inside the container directly at the sensor. If several sensors are combined, the detection range can be increased accordingly. Learn more: https://www.ifm.com/gb/kq10 ?? https://www.ifm.com/de/kq10 ?? https://www.ifm.com/fr/kq10 ?? https://www.ifm.com/it/kq10 ?? https://www.ifm.com/nl/kq10 *Only available in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Global launch will be at SPS 2019 in November.

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